Welcome to Crarae Gardens from Sir Ilay and Lady Campbell
We do hope you enjoy visiting this outstandingly beautiful woodland Garden, which many experts consider the nearest in Britain to a typical Himalayan Gorge. Trees and shrubs from all over the temperate world thrive in the superb setting of a natural highland glen.
The Trustees aim to maintain and develop this unique Garden, created and cared for by three generations of one family.

They are very aware that they are looking after a major national asset and have plenty of ideas for its enhancement, but everything depends on bridging the gap between ever-rocketing expenditure, and income, which is largely engendered from the visiting public. The Trustees urgently need an endowment fund, which invested would provide the extra funds to cover the shortfall.

If you would like to help, please click here for our APPEAL information.

Anything you could do to help would be very much appreciated. One simple step you could follow is to consider joining the Friends of Crarae, a body which gives invaluable financial and practical support to the garden. 

Finally, we hope that all those visiting the garden will find a route that will enable them to enjoy both the wide vistas of colours and the individual plants.

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