UK residents only
This form must be printed and completed by hand and returned to us by post to:


Please return the completed form, including the completed Standing Order Authority at this page (Standing Order Authority), to the Friends of Crarae, not to your Bank. Please give full name and address in block capitals.

I, __________________________
___________________Post Code___________

Covenant with

THE CRARAE GARDENS CHARITABLE TRUST that for four years from the present date or during my lifetime (whichever period shall be the shorter) I will pay to the Trust in every year such sum as, after the deduction of income tax at the basic rate for the time being in force, amounts to £_________

Fill in same total as on membership application. If you live in Scotland please write here * in your own hand the words "Adopted as Holograph" before signing. No witness is required.


Signature ________________________________________

Date ________________________
If you live elsewhere, one witness is required

Signature of Witness __________________________________

Address of Witness ________________________________